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Weston Price was a dentist who searched the world for healthy people.  His work is well documented in the book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.  Dr. Price concluded that our "modern" diet is the cause of dis-ease.  He proved that cavities and crooked teeth are the result of a poor diet but his research also showed that nutritional deficiencies cause birth defects, disabilities, mental health disorders and crime.  His research will live on forever thanks to his foundation.  


Natural medicine has supported humans throughout history.  When Rockefeller medicine was forced into law a campaign was launched to discredit any form of holistic medicine.  Plant medicine and natural therapies are much safer and as effective as allopathic medicine.  It is much less profitable because you can't patent nature (and subsequently much more affordable!).  Earthclinic is full of gems and a wonderful place to connect to people with ancient wisdom.    

You are infinitely more powerful than you have been allowed to believe.  Many of our education systems are designed to program us to think a certain way.  They are not necessarily in our best interest but rather promote a specific agenda.  Mindvalley is a conscious community that is interested in raising humanity up as a whole.  There are classes and resources available to help us reach our highest potential and heal past trauma.  If you are interested in higher vibrations and positivity.  Mindvalley is a wonderful place to start.  If you can transform your mindset, you can transform your life!  

There has been a blatant attack on individual freedom lately.  Freedom is inherent in nature but rights that are not exercised are too often lost.  We will be adding a number of resources to aid us in this area of study.  

Knowledge is Power

We're including some of our favorite resources on the site to spread the knowledge.  This is the information era and we should all embrace the wisdom!


We believe wholeheartedly in sustainability.  We urge you to support organic farmers and businesses of every nature that value the future of  our planet!

Health is Key

The key to happiness may very well be found in good health.  It certainly never hurts to face each day feeling your absolute best! LOGO April 2021 no backgro
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